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Creates a barrier of protection on top of clear coat to help reduce bug etchings, bird dropping etchings, & wash induced marring. Coatings have an incredible ease of cleaning ability, making washes much faster and easier. Protects vehicle exterior decreasing daily wear therefore increasing value of vehicle for resale and long term ownership. A car detailing service that gives you that “just detailed” look after a simple hand wash creating shine. Eliminates need to wax for the life of the ceramic coating due to strength and durability of ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating: Services

Holly Grail Ceramic coating proudly 100% made in the USA out performing the competition with unmatched strength, gloss and performance. Serves the same purpose as a wax only it's 100x stronger. Ceramic coating create a shell of protection that hardens to 9H and forms a covalent bond with your vehicle's paintwork that can only be removed by sanding or heavy compounding. With Holy Grail ceramic coating you can keep your vehicle looking new for the entire time you own it.

Ceramic Coating: Welcome
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